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Ready to grow? A good coach or trainer does far more than tell you what to do. They help you get further than you would by yourself by providing insight, experience, and support. Good coaches 

  • Help you perform, understand, and internalize movements and events.

  • Use experience and an outside eye to evaluate where you're at and write training to get you to your goals.

  • Adjust training as needed based on who you are, physically and mentally, and your changing circumstances.

  • Provide needed accountability.

  • Are there to listen, support, and give perspective when times are hard.

  • Believe you are capable of more than you think you are...and help you realize that.

Who do we coach?

You probably fit one of these categories...

  • Athletes with who want to take their competitive strongman/strongwoman game to the next level.​​

  • Athletes training for their first strongman competition.

  • Anyone from any background who's getting into strongman training.

  • Folks who don't want to compete, but just want to learn and get strong.

  • Non-strongmen/women who just want to get stronger and fitter.

What our Coaching looks like

  • Personalized, one-on-one remote coaching tailored to you and your goals.

  • Potential in-person time at Strongman Saturdays for members and NorCal locals.

  • Training delivered via an app that includes video tutorials and asks for your comments on workouts.

  • You send videos of movements and for coach review and feedback.

  • Consultation for diet/nutrition and any other components you'd like to talk about.

  • Access to your coach any time via message, and check-in calls as needed.

  • INCLUDES a Facebook group for TSC clients where you can post videos/questions and get input from our whole TEAM of experienced athletes and coaches.

you ready???

invest in your journey in strength

Submit the form below​ if you're interested coaching by The Strongman Club.

CLient stories


"My coach is one of the very best I've had. He's very attentive, accommodates my needs, and he's methodical and thoughtful when creating personalized workouts for me. When I'm training during the week, I can't always tell how strong I'm getting. But then when I go out to Strongman Saturdays I'm like 'holy sh**, it works! I feel stronger than I've ever felt before!'"
Steve B

Kaila SM.jpg

"My training goals are greatly supported by having Nick as my coach. Before consistent coaching, my deadlift and squat were a little over 100lb. With Nick's training and support, I recently deadlifted 240lb and squatted 200lb at a bodyweight of 120lb. I finally did my first pull-up too! And now I can do three. Last year Nick encouraged me to sign up for Static Monsters. That was my first time competing in strongman. Although I was a little nervous at first, Nick made sure I was fully prepared, physically and mentally, and I set PRs in both events that day! Now we're preparing for Beast of the Bay in May, which will be my first full competition. I'm excited to see how my journey as a strongwoman continues to develop!

PRs and numbers aside, Nick creates an encouraging, comfortable coaching relationship where there's no "dumb questions"  and your best effort is always celebrated--no matter what others around you lift. He explains and demonstrates new movements, and gives encouragement for big lifts. All of this gives me more confidence in the gym, which I didn't used to have. Nick gives feedback on movements, and will adjust training on "off days" or when life situations change. 

Even though his main focus is training, Nick wants his athletes to be healthy holistically and well-fueled. Over the past six months, we've worked through barriers to increase my protein intake and eat better. This has helped my training numbers increase, and I have more energy during the day."
Kaila L

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